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Gretel's Nutty Honey Delight
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Gretel's soft textured Swiss style Honey Gingerbread Range
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Soft textured Honey Gingerbread Art - NZ made!

Our edible honey gingerbread art & Gretel's Nutty Honey Delight range is available online. Click on the tabs to the left.

Cottage style GB Houses & kitsets           

We are facing some technical issues.

Therefore, please order kitsets

or other NZ made products via                                              

www.mbfinefoods.co.nz or email us

on info@mbfinefoods.co.nz                                                   

       Build your own Gingerbread House   YouTube Video - Tutorial                

Gretel's Gingerbread in in business for over 10 years and is happy to realise your gingerbread dream in the future. We are only a call away 09 4160601 or you can shop online by clicking on the themes to the left which leads you to the individual products.

We are a  Auckland based business with a passion to craft and design a truly superb range of all natural European style gingerbread specialities.
Our Honey Gingerbread is based on a Swiss recipe, uses natural ingredients only, is soft in texture and uses the right blend of spices to achieve a comforting and relaxing impact on your state of mind. 

Gretel’s Gingerbread comes in two different varieties:

 The all natural soft textured Swiss Style Honey Gingerbread a.k.a Lebkuchen is used for our beautiful decorated range and has a up to 4 months shelf live.  Our gingerbread is dairy free


  • Gretel's Delight Range a.k.a Basler Laeckerli is a soft textured gingerbread range made with nuts, honey, orange and lemon peel and keeps 8 months and more (dairy and egg free).

    Most products are for sale at markets/events and are available via our Gretel's Gingerbread  online shop or via our www.mbfinefoods.co.nz which also shows you our imported treats from Germany and Switzerland.

Posting our product to you or you friends/families

Our gingerbread is solid in nature and our decorations are designed in a manner that it is able to withstand the handling of post and courier companies.  In addition, we wrap it carefully and place fragile stickers on the parcel in order to ensure our products get to its destination in its entirety. 


You can place an order via phone/fax - 0064 9 4160601 or shop online.


We are more than happy to prepare you a quote for your customised gingerbread needs.

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