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  September 2014
  Dear Marianne,

With Father's Day fast approaching this gives us the opportunity to reflect on our own Fathers.  In my case, my Father was a workaholic with clear principles.  He was hard to please and hardly one who showered you with compliments and acknowledgment.  Luckily, I had an extremely positive mother who made up for the ernestness of my Father.  In my view, my Father was committed to provide for his family, he passed on his values to us by his actions and he loved us in his own way.
I believe, that we have to gain some life experience in order to understand the complexity of Fathers but in the meantime, just enjoy their company and love them as they are.  In the end, all Father's want the best for their families and that's why we celebrate Father's Day.

At Gretel's we are always eager to come up with funny/sunny edible gifts which make Dads smile and give them the energy to look after you. 

Marianne & team

 www.gretelsgingerbread.co.nz, info@gretelsgingerbread.co.nz, 09 4160601

Super Dad & GingerMarzipan Pebbles in fancy gift bag

This Father's Day bag contains one sporty or business dad in elegant box, 200g of Ginger/Marzipan pebbles which is a gingerbread filled with our divine almond filling.

Our Price: $35.00

Super Dad in gift box,
Ginger/marzipan Pebbles
Gift Bag,
NZ wide postage.
Order now or contact us if you have any queries 09 4160601

Lord of the Tyres Gingerbread & Batman
Does your dad like cars or motorbikes and watches with interest all Batman movies?  Then this edible gingerbread gift is a must.

Our Price:

3 decorated and 7 plain gingerbread tyres,
Batman gingerbread man, and
NZ wide postage.
Order now or contact us if you have any queries - 09 4160601.


Gretel's Gingerbread upcoming events:   


Downtown Shopping Centre- Father's Day Pop-up store:
Thu, 4 Sep 2014 -  8am to 6pm;

Westlake Boys- A Christmas inspired Market/Fundraising:
Wed, 17 Sep, 7pm to 9pm

NZGerman Business Association Oktoberfest at the Pullman Hotel:
Fri 19 Sep from 6pm to late;  and

The Great NZ Craft Show (formarly Dunkley's):
17 to 19 Oct 2014 North Shore Event Centre                                                 

We would be delighted to add a little bit of a spark during your Father's Day Celebrations with one of our products.  HAPPY FATHER'S DAY.


Marianne Brunner & team

Gretel's Gingerbread  - we make flavoursome NZ made honey gingerbread specialities with a European twist with care and passion since 2007. 
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