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Gretel's Nutty Honey Delight
Current Special
Gretel's soft textured Swiss style Honey Gingerbread Range
  Edible Art: Not available from 24 July to 11 September 2017
  Edible Art: Not available from 24 July to 11 September 2017
Gretel's Seasonal Design
  Valentine's Day
  Happy Easter
  Mother's Day
  Father's Day: Not available from 24 July to 11 September 2017
  Magical Christmas
Gluten Free Products
Your edible Photo on Gingerbread or Cake
Corporate Gifts
According to some studies, eating chocolates "mindfully" boosts mood...

Inspiration of  the month -Ukulele


We seem to be busy all the time. However, I had a few days off and found some time to play my new Ukulele. I think, playing an instrument and focusing on notes and strings will enable me to reset my brain. Let's hope it works. 

New Product Range?


New Feijoa infused Gretel's Nutty Honey Delight - gingerbread speciality with cashews, almonds, honey, orange/lemon peel and dried Feijoa from sunny Nelson. Even the Feijoa "haters" will like it.

Why our products?


The world is in turmoil and we need to stay calm. Treat your body with a good mood maker.  
Help us grow - Be rewarded

If you have a favourite shop you think they should stock our range, please let us know the name of the shop, contact person (if you have) and address and we will reward you with some treats if we can turn your lead into a new customer. 
Initiative ends end of May 2017.

Enjoy the mild autumn sun and embrace winter


We all love the sun, beach and the outdoors and don't look forward to the shorter days and at times wet weather. However, you can still enjoy the outdoors if you have the right shoes and wet weather gear. Rain can have a cleansing effect on you and the cold wind keeps your skin fresh and vibrant. 

Warm greetings, 

Marianne & team
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