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Gretel's Nutty Honey Delight
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Gretel's soft textured Swiss style Honey Gingerbread Range
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Hi there Gretel

You are famous!  I went to see my aunt on Friday and she said, guess what, I found this amazing gingerbread and got their website for you ...  I said, is it Gretel's Gingerbread.  And it was!  She works in the same building in Henderson as your graphic designer Marcus who let her try some, and she was so impressed by it she wanted to share it with me at once.  She was most surprised when I told her I had a hand-delivered box just the day before.

Your gingerbread is delicious.  My baby son adores it too (photo of him eating it and reading your brochure attached).  All of it is finished.  I especially loved the log ... the filling is divine.  And those hearts are lovely too.  Will be making another order soon ...

Chen Yen


My name is Zeb, I was the lady who insisted on buying plain undecorated gingerbread and also asked about the sugar content at the Craft Out West; to hear that you used honey and that they were soft was a delight, and boy were they yum!
I just wanted to say that I have a very sensitive stomach but these are beautiful to eat and don't upset my tummy at all! What a relief because I have the biggest sweet tooth, it upset me when I realised that due to my high blood pressure and sensitivity to rich foods I needed to cut back!

So thankyou for making such a delicious gingerbread.


Dear Marianne,
Thank you so much for sending the OZ order.
We so appreciate the part you have played in our lives during 2009, and hope we will have the good fortune to continue the association for many years.
May 2010 be be a super one, and bring you all the blessings you so richly deserve.

With best wishes,

Brenda and John.


Hi Marianne,
We thank you for your wonderful contribution to CraftWorld ... your great touches, creativity and meticulous excellence.
Have a very Merry Christmas and a super happy and healthy 2010!
Thanks again,
Carl & Marianne


Hi Gretel
We were very happy with the gingerbread cookie bags you supplied for the Eventing the Future conference.
We really appreciated the time that you put in when customising the gingerbread for our conference theme, and it was great to have a product
that was different and original in the conference delegate packs.
Thanks again for your involvement with the Eventing the Future conference.
Kind regards
Bridey Hennessey
Conference Coordinator
PO Box 1337
Christchurch Mail Centre
New Zealand